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Aircraft Appearance Services 

We consistently provide and deliver high-quality Aircraft Appearance services that can be adaptable to your needs and expectations. Our team is highly trained and exceeds industry standards. We provide various services which include Aircraft Turns, Overnight and Detail cleaning and more.



Turnaround Service

Fully customizable

Our sharp craft thrives off of our acute attention to detail. We sanitize & disinfect the galley, lavatory, tray tables and all hightouch points. Our thorough method includes vacuuming, waste & gum removal, as well as fogging services. Cabin dressing & seatback literature are replenished to your specifications.

  • Cabin specific dressing requirements as per carrier specification

  • Disinfection of high touch point items (lavatory doors and handles/latches, overhead bin handles, PSU’s)

  • Fogging services

  • Galley surface sanitizing & disinfection

  • Gum removal

  • Lavatory surface sanitizing, disinfection, & replenishing stock items

  • Removal of all waste

  • Seatback literature organization & replenishment as per specifications

  • Tray table sanitizing and disinfection

  • Vacuuming

Overnight Aircraft Service

(In addition to turnaround service)

Our overnight team is focused on disinfecting every surface area, and making the plane presentable for the next day’s flight operations. From windows to overhead bins, this service ensures the plane is streak free and that the crew rest areas have been well tended to. 

  • Flight deck cleaning as per carrier specification

  • Fogging services

  • Overhead bins sanitized & disinfected

  • Oven cleaning

  • Sanitize and disinfect & re-dress all crew rest areas as per carrier specification

  • Spot clean sidewalls, doors, & ceiling

  • Window shade sanitizing & disinfection

  • Windows sanitized & wiped clean, free of streaks

Detail Service

Fully customizable

Deep cleaning a plane takes on a whole new perspective when it comes to the current pandemic. Although times may be uncertain, customers can feel confident about the cleanliness & safety of your plane. No nook or cranny goes unserviced, including the removal of seat pans, scrubbing carts, & a deep clean of the oven.

  • Complete flight deck detailing as per carrier specification

  • Deep cleaning of seats including removal of seat pans

  • Deep cleaning of lavatories, galleys & tray tables

  • Deep cleaning of PSU’s, air heating & cooling vents

  • Deep cleaning of ovens

  • Deep cleaning of overhead bins

  • Deep cleaning of crew rest areas

  • Flight deck cleaning as per carrier specification

  • Fogging services

  • Galley cart cleaning and disinfection, removal of carts and scrubbing and disinfection of galley coin floors

Exterior Wash Service


DFM offers both wet and dry exterior washes. Our cleaning and polishing techniques are executed with diligence and consistency to ensure an elevated service experience. Some benefits to our Exterior Wash Service include the prolonging of paint life, removes contaminates such as oil, fuel and deposits, and also reduces drag or friction. 

  • All wing surfaces

  • Engine nacelles and cowlings

  • Fuselage

  • Horizontal and vertical stabilizers

  • Main and Nose gear including tires

  • Tail

  • Undercarriage

Security Search Service


When it comes to looking after your aircraft and the people relying on your services, you can never be too safe. From checking all areas of the aircraft, to the accommodation of pre and post clearance security checks,  we can ensure your aircraft, employees and passengers are safe from potential hazards.

  • Able to accommodate pre and post clearance security checks

  • Check all areas of the aircraft prior to departure to ensure no unauthorized items are onboard as per carrier specifications, both visual and physical checks

Ad Hoc & Charter Grooming Requests


Charter flights bring flexibility as well as convenience. With this in mind, our team is ready to meet your maintenance specifications to ensure your flight is ready when you are. This service request is fully  customizable, and we look forward to showing you our quality standards.

  • All grooming services are available upon request, including biohazard cleanup

  • Full service grooming provided to charter flights

  • Livestock stall cleaning at Airport Facilities

  • Waste removal and pick up



Disinfection is a vital part of operations today and as a result DFM offers a diverse selection of disinfection options. We only use environmentally friendly and airline approved disinfectants.   

  • Able to provide manual disinfection of Aircraft High Touch Points.

  • Complete Cabin Fogging.

  • Cargo Hold Fogging.

  • Disinfection of specific aircraft location due to COVID-19 exposure.



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